Dr. Jack Hakimian, DC

Dr. Hakimian is a Palmer Chiropractic College-West graduate, class of 1991. He is national and state board certified. He has been practicing in his San Mateo and Hayward offices since 1992, helping auto injury, work injury, and sport injury patients, as well as patients with chronic and acute conditions. He uses many different chiropractic techniques to address many different complex chiropractic disorders, helping children, adults, elderly and pregnant women.

Dr. Hakimian has been the medical trainer for the Armenian Olympic team, representing the San Francisco AGAU chapter in the Los Angeles Olympics for many years. He uses his knowledge of many sports activities to address the issues concerning athletes of their unique, complex and difficult cases. He is a member of the Better Business Bureau, the Hayward Chamber of Commerce, and the National Chiropractic Council.

Dr. Hakimian performs chiropractic manipulations to improve joint mobility, physical therapy and massage to improve circulation and promote natural healing, prescribes exercises to strengten and stretch weak and spastic muscles, and recommends nutritional supplementation for the many needs of each individual patient.

For your convenience Dr. Hakimian speaks six languages. He offers his time to new as well as existing patients who wish to discuss their health concerns and have their questions answered for free of charge.

To enjoy the benefits of chiropractic, you can contact Dr. Hakimian today for a complimentary consultation at 510-247-1117.